Sapropel is a special bottom sediment that is formed in water bodies with still water - ponds and lakes.  Basically, they consist of remains of lacustrine plants, plankton and have high biological activity.

Sapropel fertilizer is a unique product, the only organic fertilizer that is used for basic soil improvement (reclamation) and soil detoxification.

Sapropel contains a large amount of microelements, rich in vitamins, contains lignin humus in large quantities.

The using of sapropel as a fertilizer improves the mechanical structure of soils, moisture absorbing and moisture-holding ability, aeration, increases humus in soil, activates soil processes. Sapropel fertilizer contributes to the mobilization of soil composition, leads to self-cleaning from pathogenic plants, fungi and harmful microorganisms.

Sapropel is especially useful for sandy soils and poor, with a thin layer of humus, clay soils.  To improve the chemical and physical properties of soil it is introduced when spudding, in autumn. To improve the adaptability of young plants and sprout, sapropel is introduced into the hole before planting, it is also useful as a component of seedling soils (1/10 of the total volume).

Quality characteristics:

Name of parameter Standard
Organic substances, %    35 – 79,5
Ash, %      19 - 65
Nitrogen (total), %     1,6 – 3,4
Calcium СаО, %    2,3 – 24,7
Magnesium МgО, %      0,5 – 1,5
Phosphorus Р2О5, %   0,14 – 0,19
Mn, mg/kg 215,5 – 390,7
Cu, mg/kg    7,6 – 14,1
Co, mg/kg     3,9 – 8,0
B, mg/kg    7,3 – 17,2
Zn, mg/kg    6,0 – 19,0



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