organic fertilizer

is used for creation of artificial soils in the sands

increases crop yield

feeds and improves soil

you get a high-quality yield

Company ECOLANDS LLC is the manufacturer of unique organic fertilizers and offers you «VERMICOMPOST» and «BIOCOMPOST» that are eco-friendly organic products.
Through using of own land areas, exceptional production technology and hard work of our highly qualified staff we set the following goals:

- To increase crop productivity.
- To increase the fertility of sown lands.
- To contribute to developing of eco-friendly food products.
- To take care of people’s health.

Organic mixtures increase the fertility of soils and are used for creation of artificial soils in the sands, decrease soil fatigue and toxicity, activate biological processes, improve physical and chemical characteristics, stimulate regeneration, reclamation and soil improvement.
These materials are intended for all types of soils and all climatic zones.

ECOLANDS LLC is the only one in Ukraine to offer this organic fertilizer:
a) of high and sustainable quality;
b) in large volumes;
c) at a price affordable and reasonable for a wide range of agrarians.

We are looking forward to collaboration.



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